Estonian Theatre Festival DRAAMA 2020


Exhibition: THEATRE POSTER ART foto
Opening Sept 11th 17:00
Estonain National Museum, B-entrance

The Theatre Poster Art exhibition opens on September 11th at 17:00 at the B-foyer of Estonian National Museum (B-entrance)

The Theatre Poster Art Exhibition brings together the best best Estonian theatre posters of the last three seasons. The curator of the exhibition if graphic designer Martin Rästa.

Theatre poster can be considered a business card of the production or at least it has had that function for the past decades. It has told a story, exposed famous actors, been part of it's theatre's trademark. On the one hand the theatre poster has experienced technological and typographic revolutions, on the other hand it has always carried the function of informative poster with the value of advertisement.

In the digital age, the role of the poster is changing as there are more and more people who don't consider it as advertisement nor even see it. What's left? Does the poster take the role of independent artwork or dissapear for beign expencive and ineffective advertising.

At the end of the festival 4 posters will be higjlighted from the 40 chosen by the curator: 3 by independent jury and 1 by the viewers.