Estonian Theatre Festival 2014. The Art of Presence.

spring and summer and

At 21.00 on September 6/ Church of the University of Tartu

Director: Tiina Mälberg
Designer: Krista Aren
Costume designer: Ketlin Bachmann-Põldroos
Photos: Peeter Nahko
Cast: Tiina Mälberg, Taavo Remmel

Some ideas become reality. How? It is similar to picking and drying primrose blossoms in spring and making tea of them in the autumn or making apple jam in summer for the winter – you open the lid and suddenly you remember all the summers, you feel warm, your health returns and the end becomes closer, life goes on.

Poet Tõnu Õnnepalu kept a diary in 2008. Nature photographer Peeter Nahko went to Estonian forests, swamplands, seaside and islands in the same and the following years and took photos. In October, 2011, Tiina Mälberg happened to hear Taavo Remmel’s contrabass playing in a London club.

The premiere was held on January 12, 2013 in the vodka kitchen of Vihula Manor.

NB! The production is a replacement for the previously announced “Poetry club Narcissus: Back to the Brawlers”.

The tickets for the production “Back to the Brawlers” are refunded or can be used for the replacement performance “spring and summer and”

The tickets bought from the sales outlets can be refunded in all Piletilevi sales outlets (excluding Statoil service stations).

Piletilevi will contact the owners of PDF tickets or they get in contact at