Estonian Theatre Festival 2013. The Magic of Space.

Heart of a Dog

Russian Theatre

Heart of a Dog foto
Sunday, 8.09 at 16:00
Small building of Vanemuine

Written by: Mikhail Bulgakov
Director: Natalia Lapina
Designer: Rosita Raud
Costume designer: Rosita Raud
Lighting designer: Igor Kapustin
Sound designer: Vladimir Bõtškovski (Saint Petersburg)

Dmitri Kosjakov, Aleksandr Žilenko, Dmitri Kordas, Oleg Rogatšjov, Aleksandr Sinjakovitš, Anastassia Tsubina, Jekaterina Kordas, Anna Markova, Mihhail Krjatšjok, Anton Paderin, Sergei Tserkassov, Artjom Garejev, Daniil Zandberg.

Mikhail Bulgakov wrote his “Heart of a Dog” in 1925 but during the following 60 years, publishing this novel was prohibited in the Soviet Union. Nowadays, the story of professor Preobrazhensky and his dog is known all around the world. Almost 100 years has passed but the story still feels shrewdly humorous and relevant.

The story was inspired and based on an actual historical event – the Russian revolution. Bulgakov described the professor’s unprecedented experiment as a parody but at the same time it also reflects the “good” intentions of the new Soviet order which wanted to create a new personality, the perfect citizen of the New Republic.

Who is the person who is given life, rights and freedom in an environment brimming with aggressive ideology? The new hero? The new tyrant?

Today, theatre turns to “Heart of the Dog” to tackle the issue of whether a scientist, artist or the ruling power is responsible for the experiments he/it conducts and to return to the junction in history which still hides problems which the humanity has yet to resolve and to ring the alarm bells for the contemporary societal order.