Estonian Theatre Festival 2013. The Magic of Space.

Those Who Burn Out

Erik Alalooga, Andreas W, Tanel V. Kulla, Taavi Suisalu

Those Who Burn Out foto
Sunday, 8.09 at 18:00
Tartu New Theatre

Authors of the play and directors: Erik Alalooga, Andreas W
Designer: Erik Alalooga
Costume designer: Tanel V. Kulla
Lighting designers: Andreas W and Taavi Suisalu
Musical director: Andreas W, Taavi Suisalu

Cast: Erik Alalooga, Andrus Laansalu, Tanel V. Kulla

What if your plane happens to fall into a desert? The plane probably breaks. All kinds of pieces are scattered around. There is sand everywhere. You are lucky if you did not break your arm or neck. What happens now? You start to look for pieces in the sand and clean them with the diligence of a beginner archaeologist. There is no welding machine. You might have a set of wrenches somewhere but they are all scattered around in the sand. You need to dig them out. A hammer.. no, you probably do not have one. What an idiot would bring a hammer onto a plane? But what could you hit things with? Sand? Maybe your boot…. but where are all the nice tanker boots with metal sole inserts now? At home, of course, 1300 km away. This is not helping. Somehow you manage to attach all the pieces together. But how probable is it that all of this will not blow up and catch fire when you start the engine for the first time?