Estonian Theatre Festival 2013. The Magic of Space.


Von Krahl Theatre

Simulacrum foto
Sunday, 8.09 at 17:00
Genialist’s Club
Sunday, 8.09 at 19:00
Genialist’s Club

Written by: Department Of Desire (DOD)
Director: Mart Koldits
Designer, costume designer and sound designer: DOD
Lighting designer: Oliver Kulpsoo

“I believe in reality, but I know that the believer in me is constructed. My life story changes according to the changes in the script. Everything is planned. All I have left are precisely timed movements and everyday phrases. The film crew behind the scene works like clockwork. The cameras capture me from the right angles. I do not need to worry. The role suits me perfectly. I do not know how it ends. But I do know how it begins.”

The French philosopher Jean Baudrillard talked about three types of simulacra. In the first, the image imitates reality, in the second, it replaces reality and in the third, the image and the reality become inseparable. The director Mart Koldits and a group of scenographers and cinematographers create a performance with stage models, cameras and screens which devours the audience.

Inspired by the cult film “The Matrix” by the Wachowski brothers, “Simulacrum” is built from blocks of real life – the veracity of this piece of fiction cannot be contested. There are no actors but the members of the audience become heroes. Voluntarily, of course.

In 2011, the same artistic collective created the performance “Department of Desire” which mixes theatre with live film. “Simulacrum” is its long-awaited sequel.