Estonian Theatre Festival 2013. The Magic of Space.


Twisted Dance Company

Nox foto
Tuesday, 3.09 at 18:00
Church of the University of Tartu
Tuesday, 3.09 at 22:00
Church of the University of Tartu
Directors and choreographers: Carmel Köster, Rene Köster, Krista Köster
Choreographers and dancers: Helina Reinjärv, Kreete Tumm, Kristel Jänes, Madleen Teetsov, Marek Vetik, Tomas Tammemets, Carmel Köster, Rene Köster  
Sound designers: Christofer Eriksson (SWE), Rene Köster
Visuals: Twisted Dance Company  Designer: Liisi Eelmaa, Shaun Bass
Lighting designer: Revo Koplus
Supporters: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Dance Agency  
Co-production: Kanuti Gildi SAAL  The residency was sponsored by the Nordic- Baltic Mobility Programme

“NOX” is the new gothic-rave-comic book dance performance by the Twisted Dance Company. The dark world of Hellblazer is brought to the stage through cutting edge dancing, music and video. Hellblazer is a comic book which is based on John Constantine’s life and adventures in the world which is ruled by demons, witchcraft and horror.

NB! The performance is not suitable for the faint-hearted.

The Twisted Dance Company has been one of the most progressive dance groups in its field in Estonia since 2007. The group concentrates on street dance but adds a cultural background to it with music and fashion. During the last few years, the group has introduced itself in Sweden, Germany and England where they are known for their eccentric performances, workshops and events. The dancers of the Twisted Dance Company appeared in Krista Köster’s and Kristina Paškevicius’ dance performance “Camouflage” which was nominated for the Estonian Annual Theatre Award in the best dance performance category in 2011. In 2012, the Twisted Dance Company NOX was nominated for the best dance performance category at the Estonian Annual Theatre Awards.