Estonian Theatre Festival 2013. The Magic of Space.

Mutandance or the Thousand Dances to Dance before You Die

Cabaret Rhizome

Mutandance or the Thousand Dances to Dance before You Die foto
Thursday, 5.09 at 22:00
Tartu New Theatre
Friday, 6.09 at 22:00
Tartu New Theatre

Written by: Päär Pärenson and Johannes Veski
Director: Johannes Veski
Video designer: Emer Värk
Choreographer: Päär Pärenson
Sound designer: Johannes Veski

Cast: Anatoli Tafitšuk, Päär Pärenson ja Joonas Parve 

Cabaret Rhizome’s new performance joins the elements of a thousand different dances into one long continuous composition – a great dance mutant which tells the story of dance from the very beginning to the present day.

First of all, the performance is an anthropological study of dance. The elements of different dances have been arranged in a chronological and hereditary hierarchy which shows us, for example, how the Chicago polka developed from a mid-European ballroom dance or draws out attention to the bizarre connections between the enormous masses which swing to modern club music and trance inducing ritual dances of the indigenous people. It is a journey of dance which brings us from the bonfires and rituals to the muddy festival grounds where hundreds of thousands of people move simultaneously to the same rhythm with the aim of dancing their troubles away.

A similarly important place in the performance is held by Emer Värk’s accompanying visuals which support the fast-paced and unique choreography with so-called etymological subtitles – the origin of the dance names, their social functions, age and many other verbal parameters play an important role in getting to know a dance even though these are often forgotten.