Estonian Theatre Festival 2013. The Magic of Space.


Theatre Endla

Boyband foto
Thursday, 5.09 at 19:00
Grand building of Vanemuine

Written by: Peter Quilter
Director: Andres Dvinjaninov
Designer and costume designer: Riina Degtjarenko
Lighting designer: Margus Vaigur
Lighting designer’s assistant: Karmen Tellisaar
Music director: Feliks Kütt
Singing tutor: Ester Murrand
Choreographer: Märt Agu
Rehearsal instructor: Ingrid Jasmin
Video designer: Argo Valdmaa

Cast: Koit Toome (guest appearance), Priit Loog, Sten Karpov, Tambet Seling, Indrek Taalmaa, Bert Raudsep and others.

The musical “Boy band” is the story of the formation of the boy band Freedom and its rise to the top of the charts. The five-member band which was initially formed by the manager is turned into the perfect pop product which is expected to achieve international success. Life as a member of a boy band is filled with female admiration, concerts for crazed fans, photo sessions and TV appearances but it also includes long concert tours, life in hotels and separation from your family. Disagreements soon arise between the band members which put the future plans for the band in jeopardy. The goal, however, is nothing but ambitious – to give a concert at the Wembley stadium in London.

The story of the musical is accompanied by popular hits by Backstreet Boys, Take That, N’Sync and other boy bands.