Estonian Theatre Festival 2013. The Magic of Space.

A Wild Growling Happiness

NUKU Theatre

A Wild Growling Happiness foto
Monday, 2.09 at 18:00
Harbour Theatre

Written by: Marion Jõepera
Director: Anne Türnpu
Designer: Rosita Raud
Lighting designer: Triin Rahnu
Sound designer: Reigo Ahven

Cast:  Kadri Kalda, Katariina Tamm, Katri Peksi and Laura Nõlvak or Lee Trei

A fierce struggle for a dozen hands, a keyboard, percussion instruments, scissors and 50 metres of fabric.

“A Wild Growling Happiness” is a multifaceted story which consists of many stories. We talk about how to stay awake without dreaming, how to sometimes live upside-down and how to accidentally turn prettier. The one growling in our title goes out to discover why we create more than we initially planned - when the tears and laughter are wrapped into the same fabric, you do not need anything else for it to come to life.

A performance which talks to teenagers in their own language!