Estonian Theatre Festival 2013. The Magic of Space.


Ugala Theatre

Century foto
Saturday, 7.09 at 19:00
Grand building of Vanemuine

Written by: Tõnu Õnnepalu
Director: Margus Kasterpalu
Designer: Maarja Meeru
Costume designer: Krista Tool
Video designer: Terina Tikka
Lighting designer: Kristjan Suits
Sound designer: Peeter Konovalov

Cast:  Luule Komissarov, Peeter Jürgens, Triinu Meriste, Klaudia Tiitsmaa, Adeele Sepp, Rait Õunapuu, Vallo Kirs, Margus Vaher, Vilma Luik, Arvo Raimo, Martin Mill, Kata-Riina Luide, Kristian Põldma, Marika Palm, Meelis Rämmeld, Arvi Mägi, Andres Tabun, Tarvo Vridolin, Kiiri Tamm, Aarne Soro or Tõnu Õnnepalu.

On a glass-covered porch of an Estonian manor in the early spring of 1913. The baroness, daughters, private tutor and gospodin Golub, old maid Mari, young gardener Jaan – all of them are there in the spring sun. They look towards the future – some of them confidently, others with fear or hope. Like you and me today.

“Century” tells the story of two Estonian families, destinies of both the manor and peasant people through at times dramatic and tragic, but on other occasions funny happenings. The story is set on the very same porch. As half a century goes past, none of those who looked hopefully in the spring sun in 1913 have survived. Only their shadows have remained. But the old house, our land, has preserved and a century means nothing to them. Even the porch is still there, even though the glasses are long gone, and by chance, even the old grand piano has survived behind which the young baroness Lisi used to dream about the love of her life.