Estonian Theatre Festival 2013. The Magic of Space.

Estonian Theatre Festival

Estonian Theatre Festival has been held since 1996. The festival brings to Tartu the best Estonian theatre performances of the last season which also form an artistic whole. The initial programming policy where every theatre could decide which performance they send to the festival has been replaced by a curated programme. An international jury and theatre critics and practitioners who visit the festival voice their opinions about the performances. In addition to the main programme, the festival also offers several performances and additional programmes which explore the theme of the festival.

The festival has also incorporated the Estonian Theatre Festival OurDrama and Baltic Theatre Autumn which showcases the best performances from Estonia and the Baltics. All the performances at the festival are based on either dramaturgy from its own or neighbouring country. The competition programme is evaluated by an international jury.

The format of the festival was changed in 2010 and it has been a curator festival ever since.

In 2013.  The curator is Iir Hermeliin and the keyword of the festival is “The Magic of Space“.
In 2012. The curator was Anu Lamp and the keyword of the festival was “Focus: Actor“.
In 2011. The curator was Priit Raud and the keyword of the festival was “Signed Theatre”.
In 2010. The curator was Madis Kolk and the keyword of the festival was  “Theatre without Concessions”.