Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.

Holy night

Holy night foto
9. September at 18.00
Harbour theatre
Idea, performance: Flo Kasearu, Oksana Tralla, Veronika Vallimäe, Marianne Männi, Riina Maidre
Video, photo: Madis Ligema
Technical solutions: Tõnu Narro
Light: Madis Kirkmann
Special thanks to: Vint, Jakob, Artur, Karlo, Pääsu, Mehis, Rafael, Tiit Tralla, Ursula Goldstein, Enna Jürime, Johannes Tralla, Joosep Kask, grandmothers etc
Photos: Kaur Ilves, Rünno Lahesoo
Supporters: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Gambling Tax Council of Estonia
Co-producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL

"Holy night" is a performance synthesizing elements of theatre, performance, dance, visual arts and pure social experiment and searches on ground level the truths of termodynamics and mechanics. Professional purpose is clear for all performers - artistically complete expression. The circumstances might not be under control when they don't enter the working process individually but with descendants. How to be a Woman with kids and how to stay an Artist with a newborn? Children expect unconditional love and excellent solutions in any circumstances. These little requests consume most of the day and night, leaving the women and female artists with very ephemeral amount of time for self-realisation. Four women on stage, searching for the balance between motherhood and artistic life. But as technical wit isn't the measure of man, unconditional love doesn't answer all the questions. Are there any good children in this family?

Oksana Tralla is a freelance choreographer and dancer. Has studied at Tallinn Ballet School and the Department of Choreography at Tallinn University as choreographer-dancer (MA). Has worked at Estonian National Opera. Has created several dance theatre pieces and obtained the dance prize of Estonian Theatre in 2005, 2008 and 2012. Currently resides in Brussels.

Veronika Vallimäe is a freelance choreographer and dancer. Has graduated Tallinn Ballet School and the Department of Choreography at Tallinn University as choreographer. Has worked at Theatre Vanemuine. Advanced trainings in Portugal. Has participated in ballet, operetta ands musical performances. Recently has directed and participated in several dance projects. 

Marianne Männi is a freelance artist. Has graduated Tallinn Ballet School. Continued her studies in Non Grata Academy and Estonian Academy of Arts (MA). Has worked with painting, drawing and performances. Is the member of performance art group "Rubens" and instrumental band "Orchestra". Has participated at group exhibitions and made personal exhibitions.

Flo Kasearu is a freelance artist. Has graduated Estonian Academy of Arts in painting (BA) and photography (MA) and advanced trainings as exchange student at Udk in Berlin. Has participated in group exhibitions and presented personal projects in Estonia and outsides. In 2012 received Köler Prize. In the spring of 2013 opened Flo Kasearu house museum.

Riina Maidre is a freelance actor and theatre maker. Has graduated the Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Has worked in ˇEstonian Drama Theatre and Von Krahl Theatre and acted in films. Active in duo "PostUganda". Recently completed advanced studies at DasArts theatre school in Amsterdam (MA).