Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.


UT Viljandi Culture Academy, choreography

Selfexpressing/whoring foto
Author: Kadri Sirel
8 September, 17.00
Jakobi 1, Tartu
Choreographer Kadri Sirel 
Lighting Designer Villu Konrad 
Sound Designer Kaarel Kuusk, Lee Taul 

On stage Carl Heinrich Pruun  

University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy

"Selfexpressing/whoring" takes a look at the need for self-expression as a person's most deepest urge. It focuses on the moment in which a common need for understanding turns into a desire reaching a state comparable to satisfying an urge. It looks at the opportunities and boundaries the body offers, creates and allows to be overcome. All of that in the name of utter and undivided expression of originality. 

Kadri Sirel's diploma production investigates the common ground between self-expression and whoring. It presents the viewer with a situation in which the emotional, physical and cultural aspects of sharing oneself become blurry and self-expression turns into whoring.