Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.

Romeo & Juliet

Estonian Drama Theatre, UT Viljandi Culture Academy

Romeo & Juliet foto
7. September at 21.00
Harbour theatre

Director Ingomar Vihmar
Designer Illimar Vihmar (guest)
Lighting Designer Mari-Riin Villemsoo (UT VCA)
Translator Georg Meri

On stage Silver Kaljula, Mihkel Kallaste, Kaija Maarit Kalvet, Märt Koik, Birgit Landberg, Liina Leinberg, Kristjan Lüüs, Laura Niils, Rauno Polman, Kaarel Targo, Kristo Veinberg (University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy 10th class drama graduates from the troupe Must Kast).

Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” doesn’t probably require a long introduction. It is a tragedy of two feuding families whose offspring’s unprecedented love leads to a tragically sad end for all the main characters. This kind of ending is strange in its own way as love is supposed to be a creative force.

Sometimes it seems that there is complete consensus about such well-known texts and emotions. You can of course never be completely sure if a feeling can be felt in its entirety, felt until it becomes clear and felt to its very core. To be totally honest, even recognising a feeling it is a very good start.

Is it love when I promise myself to another who I’ve never met before on a balcony during the night? Or is it love when I try to guarantee the best possible future for my child? Or is it when I unlawfully condemn another person to death for killing my friend? Does anybody have the right to give any kind of answers to these questions?

Shakespeare’s characters express themselves in very long verse monologues. If they would dare to honestly admit to half of these truths to each other, all the tragedy could be averted. Just like in life. Just like in real life.

The performance by the 10th class of Viljandi Culture Academy theatre students (theatre Must Kast) is created in cooperation with Estonian Drama Theatre.