Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.



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10. September at 19.00
Esna Manor
11. September at 19.00
Esna Manor
Author Jaan Kruusvall 
Director Lembit Peterson
Designer Kristiina-Hortensia Port 
Musical director Marius Peterson

Actores Garmen Tabor, Aleksander Eelmaa and on chello Johannes Sarapuu

Two actors and a cello. A man and a woman. A girl and a boy. A mother and a son. A teacher and a student. Voices in and around ourselves. Alone while together. And silence all around us. Esna is located in the middle of Estonia. It is around an hour and a half from Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Rakvere, Viljandi and Rapla. Esna Manor does not probably need a long introduction. However, if you have not been there yet, now is a good time to go, we recommend it! You can see how people are able to preserve different eras in one house and renovate a building without knocking down the history while letting the building live on.