Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.


Tartu Uus Teater

1987 foto
10. September at 20.00
Estonian National Museum
11. September at 12.00
Estonian National Museum
12. September at 20.00
Estonian National Museum
Author, director, designer and musical director Ivar Põllu

Lighting designer Taavi Toom

Cast Theatre Must KastBirgit Landberg, Laura Niils, Kaija M Kalvet, Jaanika Tammaru, Liina Leinberg, Märt Koik, Rauno Polman, Kaarel Targo, Silver Kaljula, Mihkel Kallaste, Kristo Veinberg, Kristjan Lüüs

 The year when one era of a small border state starts to end, but another hasn’t begun yet. The year when it’s been 3 years since the hopeless, according to Orwell, 1984, and 3 years to the new reality in 1990. The year when civil defence skills are as self-explanatory as computer skills are today. The year to mature the generation behind independent Estonia of today.  “1987” is a civil defence-punk style play about young people, who evolve and mature with the new polity.