Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.

Rising matter

Hendrik Kaljujärv

Rising matter foto
12. September at 18.00
Tartu New Theatre
Performance, concept: Hendrik Kaljujärv 
Sound design: Hendrik Kaljujärv 
Light design: Revo Koplus 
Video: Emer Värk
Sound: Raido Linkmann
Photos: Emer Värk, Hannes Aasamets
Co-producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Supporter: Cultural Endowment of Estonia

There is no such profusion, which we are not obliged to give away while standing on the threshold of abyss. Therefore, "Rising Matter" is the row of constantly changing, flowing and disappearing images. These images are temporary, their essence lies on the other side of definition. The performance is dynamic referring that it is not „ready", but something that develops in time and space. It is more of a construction before which the spectator is placed. "Rising Matter" has not begun yet, is happening now and has already ended - all this together as one. "Rising Matter" is a power that dissolves meanings, a total path that inquires unconditional forsaking. Because there is no such profusion, which we are not obliged to give away, while standing on the threshold of abyss.

Hendrik Kaljujärv has been creatively active in several formats - created music to performances, done installations in galleries, directed and participated in works at Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Von Krahl Theatre and Theatre NO99. The main characteristic of his works is intense and deep request of state and thoroughly perfect work with different mediums and devices. In addition to technical accuracy taken into high level he is also capable of sensing the mechanisms of different formats, staying true to aesthetical and ideological choices of his own.