Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.

Mind-over Matter

Labürintteatriühendus G9

Mind-over Matter foto
7. September at 16.00
Tartu New Theatre
7. September at 21.00
Tartu New Theatre
8. September at 14.00 (ENG)
Tartu New Theatre
8. September at 19.00
Tartu New Theatre
Idea and perfomance Labürintteater G9 
Design  Labürintteater G9 
Costumes  Labürintteater G9 
Light design Labürintteater G9 
Musical design Markus Robam

Labürintteater G9: Eve Ormisson, Henry Griin, Inga Vares, Keili Retter, Kristel Maamägi, Kristo Kruusman, Mari Mägi  
Mind-over Matter is an interactive theatre-like product, where pre-formers and post-formers are equals on a journey of deeper understanding of things. The events are inspired by Estonian national epic's 16th chapter, where Kalevipoeg goes to find the end of the world.